Workforce Profile


  1. Facilities
    1. Meeting facilities are in-kind donations from member organizations
  2. Technologies
    1. Website and social media accounts managed by members and paid for by LLFQC funds
  3. Equipment
    1. Free Lead test kits are purchased by member organizations and distributed at education events
  4. Marketing
    1. Developed and performed by member organizations on behalf of LLFQC

Regulatory Requirements

  1. Iowa Law –
  2. Illinois Law
  3. Nonprofit status/ IRS tax exemption
  4. CDC
  5. HUD


  1. Board
    1. 14 members on the Board of Directors with four officers
      1. President – Tony Knobbe
      2. Vice President – Vanessa Lee
      3.  Secretary – KJ Whitley
      4. Treasurer – David Farmer
  2. Committees
    1. Applicant
    2. Contractor bidding
    3. Education

Market Segments

  • Davenport
  • Bettendorf
  • Moline
  • East Moline
  • Rock Island

Customer groups

  1. Families with children who reside in homes with lead hazards
  2. Landlords who own rental properties with lead hazards and rent to families

Customer Key Requirements

  1. Make their homes lead safe
  2. Have a smooth, comprehensive remediation process
  3. Develop a positive working relationship with renters, landlords, and homeowners
  4. Have reliable, relevant, and evidence-based information and data